Julia and Gideon

Julia Panchenkov

Website designer and builder

If you’ve gotten this far, it’s probably intriguing to you to get to know the team that’s going to build the site of your dreams 🙂

My name is Julia, and I’ve been building e-commerce websites and content since 2020.
I have not always been in this field, would you like us to go back a little bit?

After I finished my army service I decided that I wanted to do something different than usual people do, I flew to work abroad. I traveled and worked for two years. Then the magic happened … I developed a passion for the world of traveling and discover new destinations.

I returned to Israel, to study for a degree that I do not use today. During my degree, I worked for a property management company – Airbnb Apartments. My manager wanted me to run the site for him in terms of content entry and landing page building – so he sent me to a web development course.

And there it happened.

I realized that this is the profession I want to pursue, that I want to create and design websites for businesses that have a physical business and want to increase their digital sales with the help of a lucrative digital asset.

When Covid-19 came to Israel, there was no place for me in the company I worked for. And I decided to give my passion a place – I started a business and went nomadic – Pleasure & Work.

Gideon Lahav

Project and Media Manager

Hi, nice to meet you.
My name is Gideon but you can call me Gidi (: and I’m a digital nomad.

But that’s not always what I used to be, after finishing my military service I went out to work on cruise ships as a security officer.
This was the first time I worked at a place that reaches a new destination every day.

I then traveled as a backpacker to the Far East, and from there I came to Israel and began studying at an academy. In all my travels what has always interested me is the encounter between the guest and the host and how that encounter can be improved

So I took on two degrees in tourism combined with business administration
There I also met Julia, who became more than a spouse and best friend I ever had
She is my life partner and the way we both chose.

When we finished our degrees and the covid-19 arrived it was clear to us that we did not want to be dependent on the place in terms of income.

And so we set out for the nomadic life, where we combine pleasure and work on a daily basis.